Friday, May 25, 2012

When the Cat's Away....

As we all know, when the cat's away, the mouse will play, and  for a change, Auntie is the mouse!

This New Edinburgh cat sure liked Auntie's purse
With Uncle Jim safely snuggled into Monaco, thousands of miles away indulging in all the Grand Prix hoopla, Auntie happily high tailed  it back to Canada for her annual visit with friends and family.  And not a moment too soon!

After a long flight, I jumped in a taxi at the airport and as we pulled up to the old homestead, there was the wee cat, Nellie, with a natty new collar, sitting smack dab in the middle of our front doorstep like a one cat welcoming committee.  With my suitcases resting on the sidewalk and the taxi driver tapping his foot waiting to be paid, I  immediately stopped for a scratch. Natch!

One thing Auntie likes about her old neighborhood in the old country is that whenever she needs a break from baking, writing, housekeeping or whatever tasks consume my day, I can stick my head out the front door, look this way and that, and as sure as I'm standing there, along comes a cat to play with.  A  friendly,  fun-filled cat never seems to be too far away.  This isn't the case in France where the cats are either aloof, indifferent or feral.  Sometimes all three.

Now, how did that get in the back seat of the car, I wonder?
We all know that Uncle Jim is not a fan of the divine creatures know as cats.  I'm sure you remember that fateful day when Uncle Jim took Auntie aside and told her that I was spending too much time talking about cats.  I must admit, this unfortunate incident still perplexes Auntie.

But since Uncle Jim is in a land far, far away, trapped in Monaco with race cars zooming around him, Auntie is on the loose in Canada, letting out her inner cat, away from Uncle Jim's watchful eye.

A Cat sculpture on Dundas Street in Toronto
Auntie is joyfully soaking up the catness of it all and I thought I'd share some of these cat encounters with you.
Along with these little episodes of catness, there is some big, happy news - there's a new cat on the scene!  On Wednesday, I'll be visiting my niece who just got a brand new cat, Chairman Meow.  I'll be bringing cat gifts.

There has been a lot of catness to the summer so far so who knows what's to come.

Shhh!  Just don't tell Uncle Jim!