Saturday, January 4, 2014

Meow Means Smile

Please sit still...
When was the last time I posted about cats?  According to Auntie's handy 2014 "Page-a-Day" Cat calendar, it's been forever.  This contradicts Uncle Jim who thinks otherwise. "You can't argue with facts," nor Auntie's reliable cat calendar I responded.

According to fellow blogger, photographer and poet extrodinare, Heather of Arles, Auntie has a knack for cat portraiture.  Well, I certainly do enjoy it.

Who can resist a soft, furry, purring animal marching towards you on the street to say hello and sticking around for a scratch?  Not Auntie.  It's just lucky that I always have my camera and my "cat eye" lens with me just in case one of the lovely darlings wanders by for a little bit of "watch the birdie."
Don't be such a sour puss!
Hmm, maybe cat portraiture could be a new career for Auntie? I could use all that extra loot to buy a nice present for Uncle Jim.  Or maybe a kitten...

Let's start our journey with a little vignette.  Please step this way to your front row seat...



Archie, miracle cat

Literary cat

Camouflage cat

Italian village cat

Garden cat

Bubble cat

Nellie the resting cat

Parsnip, the smart cat

Ginger Cat
Wrinkly cat

Shy cat

Princess cat

Egyptian cat

Puff ball cat

Canine cat

Humiliated cat
Chinese leashed cat