Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ooh la la Your Bingo!

As you may know, Auntie is a big fan of Bingo and when Auntie visits Canada in the summer, she enjoys going to Bingo with her good friend Sean.  So imagine Auntie's excitement when she learned that the Monaco Lions Club was hosting a Bingo in Monaco!  Well, as Auntie and a few brave friends who tagged along quickly learned, Bingo in Monaco is very different from Bingo in Canada.......

There we were, puzzled looks on our faces, with Bingo cards that looked really strange and a paddle that said "Quine".  Well, as with anything in life, sit back, keep alert and do what everyone else is doing.  Oh yes, and in Monaco, order cocktails!  All for a good cause....

As the evening unfolded we learned the new Monaco Bingo rules.  To win at Bingo in Canada you need to blot the numbers that the caller calls and for the simple games, if you have five numbers in a row or 4 corners, you're a winner.  Not in Monaco!  First, you have to know your numbers in French and you have to listen carefully because they don't repeat them so don't snooze or you'll lose!

In Monaco, you need to have all the numbers that are called covered on your card.  Then you hold up your paddle and yell, "QUINE" at the top of your lungs.  Whew.  

If the stress of all that doesn't get you the headache from the cheap wine will!

Here is what I learned from playing Bingo in Monaco:

1.  Always get a book of Bingo cards, it's cheaper.

2.  Never drink wine or have cocktails while learning something new, especially when the something new is in a foreign language.

3.  Bring friends for help and support and you can share a good laugh for years to come.

4.  Stompin' Tom Connors wrote the song, "Sudbury Saturday Night" and it's a good song to hum while you're waiting for the next game to start because in the song there's a line about "the girls are out to bingo".  Your friends will love you for it.

5.  Never be afraid of trying something new.  Never.

Bingo in the Old Country

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