Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Classic Urban Legends: Spider Eggs in Bubble Yum, The Poodle in the Microwave and the Woman who got the Unbelievable Airfare to Tokyo

Last Monday at the outset of our Tokyo Food Tour (more about that in later posts), our fabulous guide Mika casually asked us what brought us to Tokyo.

I think she expected us to say something like, "it's always been a dream of ours to visit Japan", or something equally lovely but in fact we were in Tokyo because of the airfare deal of the decade!

It all started in January while I was checking in online for our flights back to Europe. On the screen, up popped:  


Now Auntie is usually quite skeptical about these things but just for fun I typed in "Nice, France to Tokyo, Japan" and I couldn't believe my eyes!  Round trip airfare from Nice to Tokyo, Business Class (sweet!) and the grand total for both of us:  1,600.  Huh?

I double checked:  perhaps it was a strange routing with 4  long connections?  Nope.  Early morning flight at 4:30AM?  Nope. Seat that doesn't recline, in the last row next to the loo?  Nope. I squealed!  Then I pulled out my credit card and it was all set.  We were going to Tokyo!!

Right away I emailed my Japanese friend in Monaco to share this  discovery since she frequently travels to Tokyo but alas, by the time she logged on and with the 6 hour time difference the fare had vanished like a mirage....  the Tokyo airfare has since become an urban legend.

Now speaking of urban legends, did you hear about the cat who visited Menton all on his own and then mysteriously vanished.....

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  1. Fun! and informative, too :D Looking forward to the next adventure of Auntie!


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