Friday, June 1, 2012

Introducing Chairman Meow

I'm so proud of my adopted niece Regina, who rescued a kitten and brought him into her home to love and care for.  It's also a real treat for Auntie who is always pleased to have a new niece or nephew on board even if the new niece or nephew is a cat.  

I've offered to become the Chairman's legal guardian should anything happen to his human mom such as alien abduction or disappearance under mysterious circumstances.  I'm also always available for the occasional cat sitting gig.

At just ten weeks old, Chairman Meow is adorable, clever, engaging, and by all accounts on the path to becoming an excellent and cherished pet.

Long live Chairman Meow!


  1. Hooray for Meow! Look at that sweet, sweet face. You may just make me a cat person yet!!!

    1. We're saving you a comfy chair on the cat side!

  2. What a cute Tabby! All the best to CM and Regina
    :-D. - Miss Patty :-D


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