Sunday, November 3, 2013

Something's Been Bugging Me

Don't you know it's rude to stare?

It's no secret that Auntie takes a lot of photos.  Maybe too many.

This escaped Uncle Jim's notice for the longest time until one day when Auntie ran out of storage space on her computer.  This was followed by strange screeching noises coming from my hard-drive, a funny smell, and a dreaded "blue screen."

This forced Uncle Jim to pay closer attention to what Auntie was up to with her camera.

Uncle Jim keeping his eye on Auntie
While he was keeping a closer eye on Auntie, Uncle Jim noticed that Auntie didn't have a lens for taking close ups.  So Uncle Jim kindly bought Auntie a macro lens.

Ever since then, Auntie's been on her knees and belly, taking a closer look at things, especially in the garden where very strange things seem to be everywhere.

A dried up bat, a spider eating a fly, loud buzzing insects and ants on the march.  Auntie has seen some strange goings on.

And you thought Halloween was scary!

A dried up bat I found
Ouch! Tthat's got to hurt

What IS that thing?

I've fallen over and I can't get up!

Seems that all the pictures I've taken with my new macro lens have filled up my hard-drive again.  It's back to the drawing board for poor Uncle Jim!

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