Tuesday, March 27, 2012

More Fun at the Billa. Explore the World with Alliga Joe!

Hey Kids!  Grab your passports and cameras!

Remember Supermercato Billa's i Puffi promotion back in the fall?  Well, they're at it again! 

This time, you can tag along with explorer extraordinaire, Alliga Joe and his two human companions, Lara and Bil, on a grand, world-wide adventure with "Alliga Joe Visits the 6+1 Continents with Bil and Lara."

Together, they explore land and sea, from north to south, east to west, and learn all about the plants, animals, people, and the facts and figures of the planet we live on. 

For every €10 you spend at the Billa Supermarket in Italy, you get a packet of stickers to paste into a collector's book that you buy at Billa for €3.90 (€2.90 if you have a Billa card).   Each sticker represents  something that the three explorers discovered during their trip.  

From Bengali tigers to the Korowai of New Guinea who live in tree houses, to the lost City of Atlantis, each sticker has an  interesting description so you can learn while you stick.  I've started my album already.

Everything is written in Italian but since you are young and have a mailable young brain, you'll be learning a new language and all about the planet too!

You have until April 29 to collect the stickers but then you have until May 6 to write about your most memorable adventure and send it to Billa with 10 empty packets.  If your story is the best, it will be published in Billa's Focus Junior Kids' Magazine.

Join Bil and Lara.  It'll be more fun to see the world with Alliga Joe instead of reading about it in books, cooped up in a classroom!

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