Saturday, March 24, 2012


Auntie Puddy and I were in Ventimiglia on Wednesday morning, looking for some new shoes and purses to match our old purses and shoes when we spotted a cute little puppy being walked down the street.

We ooh'd and aahh'd when the owner and the little puppy walked by. 

Later that morning when we saw the little puppy and the owner in a shop, we dove in to have a closer look.

Now, you know that Auntie is a big cat fan so it takes a lot to get me excited about a dog but there we were, Auntie Puddy and I, petting its soft, furry little head while it wagged its tail and soaked up all the affection like a sponge.

You must admit, that little puppy sure is cute!


  1. Oh come on. You are killing me here. Absolutely. Perhaps "The Auntie Times" has a new metier ahead as a pet photographer?

    1. That's a great idea! Some cute little four legged nieces and nephews for me! Now if only I can get them to sit still...


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