Thursday, June 9, 2011

Red Fish, Blue Fish, Dead Fish, Icky Fish!

Well, I know I'm not hard of smelling because on Auntie's morning power walk while passing a big pond, a bad smell surrounded me.  I know it wasn't my sneakers.  They were brand new.  A little poking around by the side of the pond and there it was, the source of the stink:  a big huge dead floating fish!

Generally speaking, I'm not one of those squeamish girls so mustered up a bit of courage and went in for a closer look and double yikes!  The big dead floating fish was covered in thousands of ugly icky white wiggly maggots!

It was fascinating and gross all at the same time.  Boys would love it!

So I did what any scientifically minded Aunt would do and pulled out my camera and shot a video.  Take a look for yourself my brave ones.  But I must warn you, it's probably the ickiest thing you will ever see.

On the news lately there have been stories about the many dead fish floating in the Rideau Canal.  Parks Canada has been reassuring us that dead fish floating around, stinking everything up is a natural occurrence.
Well even though maggots feasting on a dead fish is very icky, it is after all, a natural occurrence too.   Why is it that natural occurrences are so often stinky?

I think I'll go over to the pond tomorrow and see what happens next....

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