Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Say "I do" in Múnegu

On July 1, 2011, fireworks will be flying, and not just here in Canada on Canada Day where we will have the honour of hosting the newly minted royal couple, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

On the same day in a land far, far away, Monégasques will join together and heave a collective sigh of relief that their fearless leader and long time bachelor, HRH Prince Albert II of Monaco will finally take a bride!  

In the first of two ceremonies, the happy couple will say "I do" (perhaps in negu, the traditional Monégasque language) and begin their new life together...
Two ceremonies are planned to seal the deal.  The first one, an intimate civil ceremony in the well-lit Throne Room of the Royal Palace and just for good measure, a second religious ceremony on July 2nd in the main courtyard.  The gates of the Palace will remain open to allow about 3,500 people to follow the Event on giant screens in the Palace square in a lovely festive, jamboree atmosphere.  Even though Monaco is one of two countries for which Catholicism is the official religion, (the other being the Vatican) the couple will not being saying their vows in the exceptionally beautiful Cathedral, steps away from the Palace.  Pity that.

I met Ms Wittstock at a Brazilian-themed party ages ago when she first started dating the Prince and I thought she was a lovely girl.  She was also a skilled participant on the conga line.
  Having also met the Prince on a number of occasions, I think they make a perfect couple.

Closed for Cleaning
As far back as March you could tell that something was up in the Principality.  Like a fastidious hostess preparing for a passel of guests, all around Monaco people were cleaning, painting, scrubbing, soaking, planting red and white flowers and generally making the Principality look pretty for the onslaught.

Passing the scaffolding-covered Palace each morning on my way to the market, I often wondered if it would be painted the same colour to match the bride's wedding dress.  Stranger things have happened!

Cleaning the Flagpoles.  You Missed a Spot!
Insiders tell me that tensions are high leading up to the big event.  The pressure is on to make sure that the Monaco Royal Wedding runs smoothly.  Kate and William's  flawless and spectacular wedding set the bar rather high.  Who would have guessed that weddings have become so competitive?

Auntie Puddy was in London just before Kate and William's wedding and she very thoughtfully brought me a pretty Kate and William cup for my tea cup collection and a tin of tea with the smiling royal couple printed on it. While we were watching the royal wedding at Aunt Puddy's wearing nice hats and feasting on scones and clotted cream, I contentedly gulped Kate and William tea from my Kate and William cup.
Since I'm visiting Canada right now and Aunt Puddy is in Monaco, maybe she'll buy me a Charlene and Albert cup for my collection.  

The larger one in the middle of the photo would be nice. 

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